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Pricing for Services

Quilted Solutions, Kathy and Guy Ackerson

512 Beaver Lane, Mount Jackson, Virginia 22842



This work order can be printed to assist you in estimating the costs for quilting services.  Determine total square inches by multiplying the width (in inches) by the length (in inches).  Call or email to obtain final price estimates once you have determined the type of quilting you want.



Edge-2-edge pantograph style         $.0175/square inch     x ______sq in = ______

Minimum $35.00

Semi-Custom Quilting                      $0.02/square inch     x ______sq in = ______

Minimum $50.00

Custom Quilting                               $0.025/square inch and up

depending on quilt complexity,

number of designs, Quilt density.

Minimum $100.00


Batting                                              $8.00 linear yard       x ____yd     =  _______

Backing (muslin – 108”)                    $8.00 yard                x ____yd     =  _______

Backing (prints/mottled 108")            $9.00-10.00/yd         x ____yd     =  _______

Solid color Thread                            $4.00 per quilt                                   _______

Variegated Thread                            $8.00 per quilt                                   _______

Binding services (you provide)           $.05/inch to attach                            _______

(I prepare from your material)            $.10/inch to prepare & attach            _______ 
Hand-or machine finished two sides   $.20/inch to sew down                       _______


Shipping (UPS/USPS at  cost)                                                                   _______


Total job order:                                                                               $     ________


These prices are intended to give you a good idea of the basic costs associated with specific services.  Prices are subject to change without notice. A signed work order guarantees quoted prices for your quilt.  Custom quilting will be discussed between Quilted Solutions and the customer; pictures of possible quilt designs can be furnished via email for discussion.  Quilted Solutions does not provide insurance; UPS shipments are insured up to $100 with no additional charge.  Virginia orders subject to state sales tax.


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