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Preparing your Quilt Top

There are several important factors that will make your finished quilt look its best.  Please take a minute to read the following suggestions:


1.                  Your quilt top and quilt backing should be squared up.  The quilt backing should exceed the quilt top by 3 inches on all sides.  The top and back should be pressed and neatly folded and hung on a hanger if delivered or picked up, or neatly folded in a box if you choose to mail your work to us.  When possible, any seams on the backing should run the width, rather than the length of the quilt.  Touch-up pressing for lightly-wrinkled items is available free of charge.  Loose threads should be trimmed, and selvage edges should be trimmed before seaming on a pieced back.


2.                  If you prepare and furnish your own binding, I can attach it with my serger.  Binding should be prepared from 2-1/4” inch strips, folded in half and pressed.  I can prepare the binding if you wish to provide the material (one-yard minimum).  Preparation, pressing, attaching, and hand-sewing binding all incur a separate charge.


3.                  Quilted Solutions offers Hobbes 80/20 Batting, as well as Quilters Dream Batting in various cottons, and cotton polyblends.  Other batting choices can be obtained, or you may provide your own batting if you so desire.  We prefer to work with battings we are familiar with to obtain the best results.


4.                  We have a large variety of solid-color threads available, and can obtain different colors and types if you want.  Variegated threads are also available for an additional charge.


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